Why Ag Unite?

You’ve attended the meetings, heard the stories, read the news reports and received the endless notices advising you of another regulation, rule or fee that will impact your ability to do business. You followed the instructions, filled out the paperwork and wrote the check but it’s not enough. Are you ready to do something about it? Great! Be part of Ag Unite!

We have watched for years as organized and funded groups have driven outcomes in Sacramento and Washington. Agriculture must do the same thing but to be effective everyone needs to be at the same table. Ag Unite is bringing everyone to that table. We have a plan but this plan can only be successful if everyone is at that table.

The Plan

  • Become a Farm Bureau member – No other organization in the state is equipped to represent the entire agriculture community like Farm Bureau. Learn what California Farm Bureau and their 53 county organizations are doing for your farms, ranches, and businesses.
  • Encourage support of FARM PAC – Many well funded interest groups and unions are influencing the decisions in Sacramento and Washington. Agriculture could easily be a stronger political force if contributions to FARM PAC were seen as a regular cost of doing business just like your fuel, fertilizer and feed bill.
  • Commit to a Legal Defense Fund – There is no single source of funds to defend agriculture. The environmentalists have demonstrated that large sources of money win lawsuits. Its time agriculture started thinking like those that continue to defeat us. If we don’t defend agriculture, who will? Consider contributing to the AG Unite/CFBF Legal Fund.

For more information call (530) 533-1473 or email info@agunite.net.